Hello HungryMe users (Mac) and iHungryMe+ users (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) !

Welcome to this blog. This is the place to learn about HungryMe for Mac OS X, and iHungryMe+ for iOS. Please enter comments, thoughts, wishlist for iHungryMe+ and HungryMe ! Feel free to share your favorite recipes here with your cooking friends. Be sure to read Help in iHungryMe+ at : Home-> Info button -> Help button. Mac users will find Help for HungryMe for OS X in the main menu : Help -> HungryMe Help.

Be sure to watch the videos now available at this site dealing with such topics as:

How to use iCloud to sync all your recipes, categories and photos on all your iOS devices.

DGX file creation, movement to and from iHungryMe+ using iTunes File Sharing

DGX file importation and exportation for both iOS and Mac OS X.

DGX file as a speedy method to edit and batch file import many recipes at a time.



4 Responses to “Hello HungryMe users (Mac) and iHungryMe+ users (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) !”

  1. beth sipek Says:

    Wish list:
    I would like to be able to read the notes in the “comments” section when viewing the recipe.
    Also.. would like to be able to create “subcategories”… example; under desserts I would like to create subcategory of cakes/pies/cookies; and NOT see these on the main page.
    Other than that…. I love this app… it is exactly what I want, a simple app that allows me to input my own recipes easily!

  2. iHungry1 Says:

    Thanks so much for writing. I am working now on an app preference which you turn the ‘I + D’ Tab on the iPad version into an ‘I + D + C’ Tab. I do not plan to do it for the iPhone version.

  3. Len Carl Says:

    For us OLD GUYS that have the MMF format, Meal Master for DOS days, it would be extra nice to have an “import” button, as then I could add another 300 family recipes.

    • iHungry1 Says:

      Dear Len,

      Thanks for your question! The Home View of iHungryMe+ needs three buttons, but has room for only two at a time.
      In order for the user to see an IMPORT button, he/she must indicate the desire to import Recipes into the app. This is done as follows:

      1. Run the iOS device’s Settings app.

      2. Scroll down and down until you see the iHungryMe+ icon.

      3. Touch it to display iHM+’s settings.

      4. Turn on the setting named “Import Recipes”, and the Import button will appear the next time your run IHM+.

      Now if you want your recipes to be imported when you touch the IMPORT button, you must ensure that a properly named and formatted DGX recipe file has been moved from your computer to your iOS device using iTunes File Sharing.

      A DGX file can be moved between iHungryMe+ on iOS and HungryMe on OS X. Under iOS ONLY, In order for a DGX file to be imported into iHungryMe+, the file MUST case sensitively named DG_Recipes_Import.dgx

      Information on DGX file import and export is available in the onboard Help available at:

      Home view -> Info Button -> Help Button -> Ex/Import Tab

      The Help file will direct you to videos on this blog including:
      Video on how to move your DGX recipe file into iHungryMyPlus under iOS using iTunes File Sharing

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