Using Voice Recognition to Find Recipe in iHungryMe+ and HungryMe for Mac

Using Voice to Locate a Recipe in iHungryMe for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

Speak to find any recipe by text in Name, Ingredients, Directions AND/OR Comments (depending on range selection) in iHungryMe+:

1. Touch the category, e.g. ‘Desserts’, if known, ‘Browse All’, if not.
2. Touch the edit box at the top to bring up the keyboard.
3. Select the range for the search, e.g. Name.
4. Touch the “microphone” key to start voice recognition.
5. Speak the text string to find and list the recipe(s).

Click on link below for a name range search example for iHungryMe+ .

Video demo of Voice Searching on iPad or iPhone for a recipe name

Using Voice to Locate a Recipe in HungryMe for Mac:

Speak to search recipe for text in Name, Ingredients, Directions and Comments in HungryMe:

1. Using the Tab key or mouse, place the cursor in the search edit box at the bottom of HungryMe.

2. Enter ‘fn’ key twice to activate the voice input microphone.

3. Speak the search string, and it will appear in the search edit box. The search string could be part or all of the recipe name, or it could be some string in the recipe text. Then the list of recipes containing that string will appear as a list.

Note: For HungryMe for Mac, the recipes will be searched for the string in name, ingredients, directions and comments. A recipe is always included if the search string is found there anywhere. The recipe’s Categories are not searched.


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