Print ANY or ALL recipes From HungryMe for Mac, both PDF and Paper

You can print ANY or ALL recipes from HungryMe for Mac.

1.  If all the recipes that you desire to print share some Category, select that Category.  Otherwise select  ‘Browse All’.

2. Select Main Menu: File -> Print…  or enter ‘⌘ + P’ to display the print dialog.

3. Click the ‘All’ button, if desired; else select the desired recipes for printing.

4. Click the ‘Print’ button to display a second dialog which allows you to send the print job  either to a PDF file or to a printer.

A comment/complaint by KayetBee was left on the App Store for HungryMe

I want to make clear that both of the two complaints above are NO LONGER valid.

  1. Full PDF printing has since been added to the already existing paper printing support.
  2. Recipe Photos are now fully supported using drag and drop.

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