About iHungryMe+ and HungryMe

This is the place to learn more about iHungryMe+ for iOS and HungryMe for OS X.

If you have a problem or wish to contact the author, email : mbarron@chartermi.net .

Both of these apps are good stand alone Recipe Managers for the serious cook. Both apps complement the other.

Although you will enjoy some of the many fine preloaded recipes that these two apps share, you are probably most interested in managing your own user-defined recipes.

Your clearly don’t need to have both apps, but you will find that together HungryMe and iHungryMe+ offer a quicker and more full-featured way to manage your recipes.

HungryMe is the perfect place for printing recipes, including printing to PDF. HungryMe supports drag and drop addition of photos for you recipes and is also the preferred place for DGX file creation and editing. Using your computer, you gather your recipes all together in a humanly readable DGX file. These recipes may be ones that you already have digitized – including those the are downloaded from the web. These recipes can be cut and pasted into HungryMe in seconds. Any recipes that have not been computerized/digitized will require less work to enter on your computer in HungryMe, using mouse, keyboard and supporting apps. Once that is done, you will have the convenience of adding all the new recipes on the Mac by simply importing the DGX file you create using the Mac Main Menu into any one of your iOS devices. iCloud will then automatically carry these recipes over to all the other iOS devices sharing the same iCloud account.

Please note, the DGX file does not support photos. If you are using iCloud on your iOS devices, iCloud can sync your recipe photos. That is, once a photo is added to a recipe in iHungryMe+ manually, that photo is then added automatically to the same recipe on all your other iOS devices.

With HungryMe, once you have all your own recipes entered, a single menu option formats and exports them all to a DGX file. A DGX file is human-readable, and can be use used bi-directionally to import and export data between the two apps.

iHungryMe+, in your pocket or purse, can also most quickly handle shopping for ingredients, emailing your favorite recipes and their photos to your friends. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch make for better kitchen companions. If you have multiple iOS devices with iOS 8 or higher, great things happen for you . Simply turn on iCloud support for each instance of iHungryMe+. Then if you import new recipes into iHungryMe+ on one of these devices, iCloud takes care of syncing these new recipes and all their photos on all your devices, now matter where they are in the world.

iHungryMe+ V:4.8 is now available at the iTunes app store.


5 Responses to “About iHungryMe+ and HungryMe”

  1. iHungry1 Says:

    All these problems have been fixed now. I apologize for all your inconvenience. Contact me for a free coupon for HungryMe V:1.0 for Mac OS X. Simply download the new version of iHungryMePlus which is free to anyone who already has the iOS app.

  2. Jim Tait Says:

    I purchased HungryMe for OSX and nothing works I cant add recipes I cant edit existing recipes and when I click about HungryMe nothing happens Using OSX 10.7.5 64 bit please help Jim

    • iHungry1 Says:

      I believe your machine is older than 2008. HungryMe 1.1 runs on Lion.

    • iHungry1 Says:

      Thanks for writing. As we discussed, you need to upgrade to OS X 10.8. I believe you said that your 2007 Mac Pro did not support 10.8.

    • iHungry1 Says:

      Hi Jim,
      Just checking back. Since we determined that you could not upgrade to OS X 10.8, have you been able to get HungryMe working on another Mac? If so, how do you feel about it? I’d be grateful for any criticisms you send. Please let me know if I can be of service.
      Mark Barron

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