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Getting Started with iCloud for iHungryMe+ under iOS 8

December 17, 2014

iCloud and iHungryMe+ , iOS 8 and higher Only


1. When iHungryMe+ is installed, it comes up in non-iCloud mode, that is, the app setting “iCloud Enabled” is NO.

2. The  first time your device enters iCloud Mode, a second (iCloud) database is created. The user decides to start the process by seeding from the “primary” device, as explained later. All the data from the non-iCloud database is moved into iCloud by moving it into the iCloud database.

3. If a device is in iCloud mode, any insertions, edits or deletions to iCloud’s database are passed on to the other devices on the same account that have iHungryMe+ with iCloud Enabled turned ON.

4. You can toggle back and forth between iCloud and non-iCloud mode as often as you like.

5. In non-iCloud mode, alterations to the data in the database is not reflected in the iCloud database, with the single exception of the first time the first of your iOS devices enters iCloud mode. This process, called iCloud seeding, gives the iCloud database its initial data. Any DGX import made to one database (iCloud/non-iCloud) is not seen in the other mode. There is no real need to do any DGX import into the non-iCloud database prior to turning on iCloud mode for the first time. Since once all your iOS devices are syncing with iCloud, any DGX recipe import to any of the syncing devices, will be automatically propagated to all your other syncing iOS devices.

6. If you are in iCloud mode and you temporarily loose your data connection, you are able to continue making changes to the data. This data will “sync” with iCloud as soon as the connection is re-established.

What will iCloud do for me?

iCloud allows you to sync data for multiple devices sharing an iCloud account.

If you add, edit or delete data on one device, the changes are automatically reflected soon thereafter on all the other devices.

iCloud will automatically backup your data.

What Do I Need To Use iCloud?

1. Active Data Supply (WiFi or Cell Data Plan)
2. iCloud Account from Apple
3. Enter Account Info on each device: Device Settings App -> iCloud
4. Turn on iCloud Drive:  Device Settings App -> iCloud
5. Scroll down  and turn on iHungryMe+’s app setting/preference “iCloud Enabled”
(Device Settings App -> iHungryMe+ -> iCloud Enabled)
6. Two or more iOS devices with iOS 8 or later, all sharing the same iCloud account.

What decisions do I need to make before enabling iCloud?

1. Which of your iOS devices should be considered as primary and have its data turned over to iCloud to “seed” the iCloud account?
The iHungryMe+ Recipes, Categories and Photos on the primary device will be sent up to iCloud (merging data/seeding the Cloud) and iCloud will then sync this data with all the other devices on the shared iCloud account.

About iHungryMe+ and HungryMe


Video showing iCloud seeding of iHungryMe+ V:4.6

October 20, 2014

NOTE: iCloud support for iHungryMe+ V:4.6 requires iOS 8. All other features of the app are supported by iOS 6 and higher.