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Hello HungryMe users (Mac) and iHungryMe+ users (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) !

October 19, 2014

Welcome to this blog. This is the place to learn about HungryMe for Mac OS X, and iHungryMe+ for iOS. Please enter comments, thoughts, wishlist for iHungryMe+ and HungryMe ! Feel free to share your favorite recipes here with your cooking friends. Be sure to read Help in iHungryMe+ at : Home-> Info button -> Help button. Mac users will find Help for HungryMe for OS X in the main menu : Help -> HungryMe Help.

Be sure to watch the videos now available at this site dealing with such topics as:

How to use iCloud to sync all your recipes, categories and photos on all your iOS devices.

DGX file creation, movement to and from iHungryMe+ using iTunes File Sharing

DGX file importation and exportation for both iOS and Mac OS X.

DGX file as a speedy method to edit and batch file import many recipes at a time.